Bone Rolled Roast Meat Netting

Bone Rolled Roast Meat Netting

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 Idas meat netting has been the industry standard for many years. This meat netting is for smoking, roasting or water cooking. This range gives the user many options for optimal compression and shaping of the finished meat product.

Available Sizes: 80mm to 250mm Diameter

Spirals per 100mm: 7 – 11

Temperatures: Boil:<100°c / Roast:<225°c

Colours: White, Red and White. Other colour options upon request.

Packaging Format: 50mtr, 100mtr, 500mtr and 1100mtr rolls.

Make Up: Knitted synthetic net in tubular form with inlaid spirals of covered natural rubber

Vertical Chains: Food grade Polyester yarn

Horizontal Chains: Extruded food grade rubber covered with food grade polyester